Osvalin® - the colloidal silicon dioxide 15% with magnesium C315.

The hydrolysed, colloidal silicon dioxide

Osvalin® is a new, innovative nutritional supplement for a meaningful daily supplement for the body’s own silicon requirement.

Osvalin® contains silicon in the form of hydrolysed (dissolved in water), colloidal silicon dioxide (SiO2), a biologically active form of silicon. Osvalin® offers the highest concentration of utilisable silicon. Osvalin® contains 15% silicon in the form or hydrolysed silicon dioxide (SiO2). In contrast to other silicon sources such as horsetail compounds or colloidal gel, which must first be transformed into hydrolysed silicon in the stomach, hydrolysed, colloidal silicon is immediately absorbed in the gastrointestinal system. Due to its unique stabilising formula, Osvalin® contains 150,000 times more silicon per millilitre than mineral water.

Silicon is an important substance for life and essential for growth, the formation and regeneration of bones, cartilages, connective tissues, hair, nails and mucous membranes. Taking silicon dioxide as a nutritional supplement is extremely sensible to cover the body’s own silicon requirements.

Magnesium C315 and vitamin C

In the bones, magnesium serves as a stabilising mineral and participates significantly in bone growth and the bone mineralisation. Scientific investigations have shown that magnesium is necessary for storing calcium in the bones, thus increasing the bone density.
Magnesium C315 is a highly concentrated magnesium citrate compound which, among experts, counts as an optimal source for the supply of magnesium.
Vitamin C promotes the formation of bones, since vitamin C, as a result of its antioxidant effect, catches free radicals and supports the generation of cells during the bone formation. Vitamin C is necessary in the synthesis of collagen fibres, that are, up to 90%, an integral part of the bone matrix. Furthermore vitamin C improves the calcium absorption in the bones.

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Silicon for stable bones and joints

Bones, which form our skeleton, are constantly being formed and degraded by the body.


Osteoporosis, a serious bone disease that destroys the strength of the bones.

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